With the advent of latest technologies in the field of mobile phones and widespread adoption of the Internet, the complete power has shifted in the hands of the consumers. In today’s technological era, the efforts are being made by top brands to satisfy the needs of consumers by giving them a high quality online experience. By high quality experience, a consumer means a sense of personalization, relevance, convenience, simplicity, and proximity in the technology that he/she is using.


In order to stay in competition, the need has arisen for brands to bring out an integrated digital marketing strategy. Given below are some top marketing trends that would help you in building a strong marketing strategy for the year 2013.


  • Increased Focus on Mobile: With more and more users accessing Internet on their smartphones, an urgent need is there to make all online content and applications mobile friendly. As the rush to mobile continues, mobile-first marketing campaigns will become more prevalent.

  • Thinking from the Consumers’ Perspective: With smartphones and tablets becoming life line of people, the need is there for brands to think from a consumer’s perspective and then frame a marketing strategy accordingly. For this, brands will now have to focus on convenience, simplicity, proximity, and even real-time marketing.

  • Increased Relevance of Content: The relevance of producing quality content has increased a lot over a period of time. Thus, the need is there to create contextually relevant content that meets the needs and wants of the target audience.

  • Audio and Video Marketing: The year of 2013 will see businesses use video and audio as tools for online engagement and content marketing. Podcasts, audio-blogs, interactive video ads, etc., all add up to the top marketing trends that you should implement in order to match steps with the fast changing technology.

  • Social Integration into Business: As people turn to social media to resolve customer service issues and make purchase decisions; in the year 2013, brands will now use social platforms to offer real-time interactions with prospects and customers.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, establishing a seamless online presence over web, social, and mobile is the right roadmap for success. In nutshell, as a brand it is significant for you to form meaningful connections with your target audience. This can be done only, if you provide rich online user experience, which further can be achieved only through the medium of integrated digital marketing strategy.

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