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With the world shifted into a new decade, people are wide-eyed to what technology will look like. Through the help of technological trends, the industry is looking to bank on new ideas and concepts. To help make human life easier, these technologies have the customer in mind.

#1 – Making Human Tasks Hyperautomated

By coming up with solutions for manual tasks, humans can use artificial intelligence (AI) on a variety of tools. With the help of robotic process automation(RPA), AI technology will continue to get smarter with its decision-making.

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#2 – Updated Cloud

The cloud is an amazing piece of tech to store important files. But, in 2020, emerging technologies will allow the cloud to be even more established. This will fix latency issues, along with help regulate the platform.

#3 – Added Security

As technology continues to develop, security is something that has to match the integration. With the help of hyperautomation, security tasks can be processed and watched over by AI technology.

#4 – Voice Searching

Voice technology has come a long way over the last few years. It will continue to take major steps in 2020. No longer is voice only about talking on the phone, but voice recognition and voice text continues to push this technology forward. With the help of Siri and Google Action, expect even more applications on this platform that is limited at this point in time. There will be even more uses for voice searching than you ever thought possible.

#5 – The Building of Blockchain

Blockchain tech will continue to positively disrupt tech trends in 2020. With its main focus, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain will see currencies divided in a variety of markets across the world. It is added influence like this that will continue to see expansion in the financial market.

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#6 – The Use of Prescriptive Analysis

Everyone wants to know the trends that are on the horizon. If technology can connect data points about user’s behaviors and interaction with products in the past, companies can pinpoint ways for continued profitability. Technology companies in U.S. and beyond are looking to this analysis as a guide for future success in the marketplace.

#7 – Even Faster 5G

Over the years, phone service has gotten quicker and quicker. From 3G to 4G, and now in the age of 5G, technology companies are looking for ways to speed up the process even more. With a new and improved 5G, consumers will see a lowed latency, faster internet speeds, and a bigger capacity to do more on their mobile device, tablet, laptop, etc. You will even see 5G technologies is more vehicles that use autonomous ones. Even downloadable content will get done quicker.

#8 – Recognizing Your Face

With the implementation of facial recognition, specifically with the help of the iPhone X, many applications can be opened quickly and securely. In 2020, expect ATMs to use this technology as well, so you can withdraw money from your bank. Even your car, house, and Internet will be able to use facial recognition.

#9 – Augmented Reality Overtaking Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has seemed to be all the rage over the last few years, but Augmented Reality (AR) will soon overtake the top spot. Due to the fact that VR has limited application uses, AR has more options to be used on mobile devices. Without the use of headsets, AR will be able to revolutionize advertising and marketing to the consumer population.

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#10 – Device Personalization

People like to customize their technology. Expect even more options for consumers. This personalization could include cars building the best route for your morning commute and equipment in your home doing common day chores for you, just by speaking out loud through vocal recognition.

#11 – Sustainable Energy Through Efficiency

With the help of smart data solutions, consumers and producers of energy can work together to save energy.  The more connection will allow for more energy tools to be created helping consumers save money in the long run. Even portable sources of energy will be marketed in 2020.

#12 – Healthcare Applications

Tech Trends 2020 would not be successful without the help of medical advances. Expect treatments for chronic diseases with the help of advanced biological drugs. Individuals with a lost limb will have smart and efficient prosthetic with the help of 3D printing.

#13 – Getting Smart With Space

Smart spaces have been talked about before, but 2020 is giving this project life. To help conserve energy, cities will building smart spaces to connect neighbors and communities like never before. With digital work-spaces, people will share in the success that their city is yielding.

#14 – Taking The Edge Off With Computing

The computing element gathers collections and processing all together. With the help of this platform, latency and connectivity issues are non-existent. There are not bandwidth restrictions either.

#15 – IoT Connectivity

With so many devices in households these days, Internet of Things(IoT) can continue to help with connectivity. Data between devices can be done in real-time with IoT. This will make your tech smarter for you.


Technology Trends 2021 might have just gotten started. But, you will see major changes this calendar year. Look to see how these new technologies could impact you for the better.


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