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Technology is pushing the consumer to expect and even demand an accelerated speed of service. To meet this demand, different organizations and industries are merging their initial modes of operation and the new concepts in a process known as digital transformation.

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In the new digital era, you risk becoming obsolete and irrelevant in the industry, and to your customers, when you fail to conform to digital transformation. The current COVID-19 restrictions should perhaps increase your impetus to transform your organization or company digitally, in case you hadn’t made the decision yet. For those assuming that this transformation might hurt or interfere with their business model, then you are mistaken. If anything, it will probably enhance your strategy and bolster efficiency.


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To those who still need more convincing to adopt digital transformation, here’s how COVID-19 has made it more relevant to transform now:

The positive effect of technology is evident during a crisis

The wizardry of technology is more evident during times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic. This is when businesses realize that they cannot continue with “business as usual” anymore. It translates to improving your digital strategy to serve customers better. For instance, you will have to incorporate secure and flexible tools, such as cloud services. This makes it easier to merge and connect with your older business model, as you transform your current business digitally. The presence of outdated apps is a headache that cuts across most businesses in this current world. Digital transformation is the solution to this problem, as it helps overcome threats that exist in the company/business.

To enhance communication

We have all had to struggle and adapt to the restrictions brought about by the novel coronavirus. One of the primary restrictions, which has affected most businesses, is the work from home policy. Collaborating remotely is something new and strange for most businesses and companies. While some companies welcomed the idea, and are carrying on with their operations, as if there was no change at all, others are still struggling.

To enhance service delivery to customers during such times, remote collaboration is imperative. The reality is that remote collaboration is impossible without an effective digital strategy. This is where tools such as cloud infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT) come into the picture. These tools enable companies and businesses to transfer data without the need to have human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions.

Cloud-based applications offer deeper insights about your customers, and this can open up additional revenue streams for the business. Digital tools such as artificial intelligence can help a company or business to improve service to customers and their internal teams.

To bolster security

It is no lie that at a time of crisis, as it is right now during the coronavirus pandemic, security is a threat for many businesses. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance your security, especially when your business model involves a lot of online activity. Part of the reason why many companies and businesses adopt a digital transformation model is to improve data security. A successful digital transformation will guarantee the security of your customers’ data and your business data.

Nonetheless, this cannot be possible without a right digital transformation solution provider. The digital transformation provider ensures that your migration to the cloud is seamless and flawless. The need for a digital team and commerce is more evident right now than ever, due to COVID-19. And the likelihood of this pandemic becoming endemic means that there’s an even higher urgency to digitize your business. Chances of an extended recession is also a reality many are facing at this moment; thus, rethinking business models is no longer a matter to procrastinate.

Customers have been forced to conform to new lifestyles

Even as some individuals keep on defending conventional business models and claim that customers still want the same products and services, the current evidence pushes their theory aside. The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced many people, customers included, to conform to new lifestyles. Therefore, even as much as they would still want the same products and services, they wish for new models of engagement, which mirror their current lifestyle but are still convenient.

The rise of the internet and technology has continued to paralyze conventional business models. Sticking to the archaic ways of doing things will, therefore, only place your business on the verge of extinction. The intersection between the business, the content, and the client has improved due to digital transformation.

If this isn’t the time to adopt digital business transformation, then when is the time? Many businesses that have lagged when it comes to making integral changes have shot themselves on foot. Therefore, to avoid going down the same road, act now, and remain relevant in business.

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