In 2020, XaaS is the fastest growing trend for small and midsize companies. XaaS startups have become “unicorns”, while Fortune 500 companies that didn’t adapt have quickly and suddenly gone bankrupt. But XaaS is nothing new, the XaaS model has existed for thousands of years. Thales of Miletus became one of the richest men ~600 B.C. with his XaaS model and so can you!

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XaaS refers to the delivery of Everything as a Service. It means companies no longer sell products, they sell the outputs of their products. It encompasses Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Storage as a Service, Database as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Communication as a Service, Network as a Service, Platform as a Service, and even Transportation as a Service. What’s driving the trend today and how can you keep up?

Here are the 10 most important things your organization needs to know before switching to XaaS.

1. Big Data is the force behind XaaS

IoT and the cloud are producing enormous amounts of data about customer preferences. Insight about product usage is a compelling reason for companies to switch to XaaS. XaaS allows for reciprocal data sharing between customers and service providers. Service providers who lack these insights are finding it impossible to scale and react to customer trends!


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2. Low cost of entry is key for acquiring new customers

Customers turn to XaaS as a cheaper alternative to one-shot purchases. They want the ability to decide if their value proposition is being satisfied on an ongoing basis. Customers are willing to pay higher prices as their needs scale. XaaS companies that don’t entice customers with a low barrier to entry and an ease of setup get left behind!

3. Provide your customers with ongoing value

Transitions to subscription models require ongoing services. Customers will unsubscribe if they are not perpetual and frequent users of your service. Great customer service is a key to showing customers your organisation values their time, security, and support.

4. Communication platform as a Service is a make-or-break decision

Communication platforms can put your organization at risk. Cyberattacks and harassment are frequent on poorly secured platforms. Unwanted disruptions by trolls and hackers have taken place as companies quickly migrate to digital communications platforms during the Covid crisis. A secure communication platform is essential to safeguard your employees and your organization’s data.

5. The Covid-19 Pandemic is driving the change to digital-based workspaces

93% of organizations are currently operating some degree of digital-based workplaces to deal with the Coronavirus shutdowns. These digital workplaces put companies at new risks from viruses, phishing, and cyberattacks. Only an expert software and IT company can keep you safe from the risks that digital companies face.

6. Don’t overshot your customers

80% of customers require only 20% of the functionality they are given. This is causing fierce competition in the market for industries. Winners offer the overshoot customers the functionality they need at the price they want. Customers respond positively to organizations that give them the appropriate amount of functionality without overburdening them.

7. The complexity must be hidden from the customers

The customers of XaaS want cheaper prices for the same degree of functionality. This means they cannot be expected to use services that require heavy training and service hours. They cannot handle crashes or bugs. This means your engineering and IT need real expertise. The more complexity is hidden from the customers, the more work needs to be done in the development phase. Customer cost to operate needs to be minimal.


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8. Reduce the time between ordering and integration

R&D needs to get your services in the hands of customers as quickly as possible. This means engaging your customers as soon as they show interest in your XaaS. Quick setup and ease of use are what sets XaaS companies apart from their competitors.

9. Avoid any downtimes

Every minute your service is down in XaaS, you are losing your money or users. Users who leave XaaS organizations during downtime periods are not likely to return. Great customer service is expected when a company switches to XaaS!

10. Predict your failures

The easiest way to avoid downtimes is to know when you are likely to have a failure. Figure out when employees are on and off. Monitor when usage peaks on your XaaS service. You need flexible backups for your vertical knowledge and high quality analytics.

11. Modularize your service

The key to success in XaaS is offering the right service to many different types of customers. This means you need to find ways to sell bundled products as individual services. Customers want to feel that they are getting exactly what they paid for.

12. Your company might not survive without XaaS

Companies that haven’t adapted to XaaS have found themselves quickly outmoded. Their customers have traded expensive rare operations for cheap workaday ones. Even in organizations with large tech provider contracts, individual employees will go around their received solutions. They will find and use their own XaaS solutions.

13. Get Ready to Hyperscale!

What do all 10 of the fastest growing companies of the decade have in common? They all hyperscaled after a successful XaaS rollout. Once an XaaS model is in place, your organization needs to be able to grow your IT infrastructure as fast as the market demands.

XaaS is becoming more practical and affordable for many companies. To imeplement that strategy in a targeted manner to benefit your business, one require new knowledge and the ability to develop a holistic corporate strategy. If you are looking for

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