Discover popular no-code apps that can help you build and automate your next startup — without writing a single line of code.

Here are the latest No-Code tools and apps that are helping to build the next generation of software. These No-Code platforms allow users to launch websites, build mobile applications, design artificial intelligence systems, and automate business processes all without ever writing a line of code! Here are top 26 no-code apps and tools to help build your next startup:

1. Adalo

Adalo is an amazing and intuitive way to build beautiful applications! Adalo-built apps can work on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Adalo’s top selling point is the easy to use “drag and drop” feature which allows you to watch the progress and design of your app in real time. The huge community of makers happily share their tips and tricks to great design! Their pricing model uses paid subscription plans at $50 per month.

  • $50 per month subscription
  • Easy to use to “Drag and Drop” UX
  • Huge community of users sharing advice

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2. Voiceflow

Voice-activated tech is powering the IoT revolution. Siri and Alexa are some of the most popular tech to come out of the last decade. Voice apps for Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are a huge and growing market. Voiceflow allows designers to build incredible applications for the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa without ever needing to write a line of code. Their incredible tutorials walk users through the process step-by-step so that even the least tech savvy team members can manage and develop their software.

  • Niche market of voice app development
  • Beautiful interface
  • Great tutorials
  • Only for Alexa and Google Assistant

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3. Notion

You can talk about No Code without talking about Notion! Notion is best described as a data management powerhouse. It is amazing for spreadsheets, databases, documents, and projects. It allows for note taking and wiki making all in a collaborative environment.

  • 4 million users
  • Android app version, IOS version, and web browser app
  • Four-tiered subscription model: free, personal, team, and enterprise

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4. Gumroad

Gumroad is changing the face of e-commerce. Gumroad provides a UX for a smooth and pain free payment process that can be used by all entrepreneurs.

  • Open to entrepreneurs not on Squarespace or Shopify
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth transactions

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5. Buy Me A Coffee

“Buy Me a Coffee” lets creators instantly add a codeless profit-generating feature to their page and share it with friends and customers. Make money the same day with a button that lets your fans show their love!

  • Well-known feature
  • Loved by audiences
  • Simple setup
  • Earn money from dedicated fans
  • No charging or excluding audience for lack of purchase

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6. Thunkable

Thunkable is a powerful mobile app builder that requires no coding. It emphasizes speed and aesthetics. Its best feature is its functionality for advanced features.

  • Fast development
  • Drag and drop design
  • Affordable pricing

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7. Scapic

Imagine building 360 degree flexible viewers for your products. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a dynamic viewer is worth a million. Ecommerce retailers love this offering but previous designs were hard to build and required tons of coding. With Scapic, code-free augmented reality can prove to customers that your products are the best!

  • Augmented reality
  • Great for ecommerce
  • Runs smoothly

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8. Glide

Glide is the fastest app development around! In just minutes and without writing a line of code, Glide builds easy to use, working applications for a wide range of use cases.

  • Free for basic features
  • Quick and rapid development
  • Flexible products

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9. Substack

Substack is the writer’s dream come true. Independent writers can create a paid newsletter without any of the traditional programming worries. Start writing right away and leave the coding to Substack!

  • Free to use with a royalty fee on all sales
  • Allows for dynamic style writing
  • Easy to edit

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10. Memberspace

Memberspace lets you add a membership feature to your website. Provide bonus content to hardcore fans while keeping the regular functions avaliable to anyone!

  • $25 per month subscription
  • Pays for itself with only a few members
  • Integrates with major web development platforms

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11. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a must have if you do email marketing or build landing pages. Forget the code and jump right into their easy to use user interface.

  • Integrate with Livechat and Square
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data analytics and feedback

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12. Makerpad

Makerpad is a great option for automation! Makerpad provides a huge repository of advice and tools for adding no code to your processes.

  • Great for startups
  • Experts available for hire
  • Awesome functionality

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13. Landen

Landen is an amazing tool for no code web development. Play a game of 20 questions while Landen figures out exactly what you need! It’s that simple, no complicated coding required. Landen is great for quickly building amazing landing pages and even some seasoned web development experts are making the switch.

  • Great for all levels of skill
  • Amazing Add-Ons
  • Loved by startups

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14. Coda

Coda creates docs that combine all of your data and information in a centralized location. It is great to scale and knows how to integrate information as well as a dedicated data manager.

  • Fun graphics
  • Links to Slack, Jira, and Google Calender
  • Seamless communication

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15. Carrd

Carrd is true to its name. The best and most responsive one-page site builder, Carrd requires no coding whatsoever. Like an online business card, Carrd will get your information out there in minutes. Sometimes simple is better!

  • Simple
  • Free
  • Takes minutes
  • Elegant designs

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16. Zapier

Zapier helps teams automate their workflows and connect all of their apps. Choose from any of a wide variety of Zaps and get going on more than 2000 apps. Zapier has quickly become one of the most popular no code platforms.

  • Speedy process
  • Reliable
  • Great advice and tips section
  • Saves you time

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17. Parabola

Parabola integrates data and lets user-create workflows be added to your project without any code. Parabola can integrate data coming from websites, APIs, Salesforce, Shopify, and much more.

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Automate email marketing
  • CRM workflows
  • Drag and drop features

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18. Bubble

Bubble is quickly becoming many people’s go-to app builder. It provides an excellent environment for building web applications with excellent documentation.

  • Huge community of Bubblers
  • Great for design enthusiasts
  • Streamlined documentation

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19. Airtable

Airtable is a spreadsheet application on steroids. Choose from amazing templates and design a great project your team will love. Airtable can even be used as a CMS. Airtable provides the mythical spreadsheet-database hybrid with all the advantages of both and almost none of the limitations!

  • Free and premium options
  • Integrate databases with apps and websites
  • Highly modular

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20. Landbot

Landbot is the chatbot builder of the future. You can create chatbots that know your business like a pro with these easy to use no code software. Landbot is a great addition to your customer support team!

  • Whatsapp integration
  • Connect to customers
  • Lifelike conversation skills

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21. Webflow

Webflow is a state of the art platform for no code website building. Webflow handles the creation, testing and maintenance of great and highly functional websites. Their excellent online visual editor tool is very intuitive to use.

  • Affordable
  • Intuitive features
  • Faster than traditional html programming
  • Template library

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22. Typeform

Typeform is the form making and survey taking power app you’ll want to use. Typeform makes excellent data collection tools available to form makers while creating easy to use surveys on the UX side. Typeform builds forms that work great on all devices including mobile and smart devices.

  • Free and premium versions
  • Wide variety of forms
  • Accessible for scientific purposes

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23. Sheet2Site

With Sheet2Site, a simple Google Sheet can become an amazing website for any business, organization, or individual. This is a completely different way to build a website. It works with only a few clicks. Sheet2Site has tons of pictures and tools! It is great for all different types of websites.

  • Google Sheet functionality
  • Cheap
  • Works for all different types of website

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24. Universe

Universe is a new tool for website building dedicated to artists, influencers, and designers. They place a special emphasis on aesthetics and build websites that run well even on old computers and mobile devices. This is a great option for well appointed websites with a clear artistic flair.

  • Social media influencers favorite
  • Runs well on little compute power
  • Great styles

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25. Squarespace

No list of no code platforms could be complete without mentioning Squarespace. Squarespace builds websites using drag and drop features and premade templates. Squarespace is a very safe choice with over a million websites using it for their design platform. Squarespace lets you scale your website as your needs grow.

  • Tons of templates
  • Great for ecommerce
  • Lots of integrations
  • Huge amount of experts available for hire

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26. is one of the leading NoCode platforms that help you integrate your cloud apps and automate all your business exercises. It has a very smooth and simple user interface which makes it easy for you to create bots that run between two or multiple apps.

The NoCode platform also comes with a drag and drop feature to create trigger actions for your apps.

NoCode solution

Are you ready to build no code apps?

At ISHIR, our expert no code team can help you with any of the platforms listed above and much more. We know exactly the perfect suite of tools for any project and how to use them. No code allows anyone to contribute and add to complex software projects. We are excited to  help your team get the best ROI on these products! Contact our Software Developers today!


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