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The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the human lives, businesses, and livelihoods. It has tried and tested many countries to their limits, and changed the way we live and work. Nonetheless, it has its fair share of blessings, or so you may say. Some businesses are alive today as a result of COVID-19.

At a time of crisis like this, opportunities arise rapidly in different sectors of the economy. The mobile app industry is one of such industries currently benefitting from the coronavirus pandemic. Wondering how? We will show you why this worldwide scourge has induced opportunities in this sector.

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The first thing you should know is that the ‘work from home’ and ‘stay at home’ policies changed consumer behavior. One such change was evident in how customers use mobile phones. The demand in mobile applications that solve current problems, such as contact tracing, has made mobile app development to rise by a great extent.

The Relationship between COVID-19 and the Mobile App Industry

Most of the mobile app development companies that rose in this pandemic learnt and understood how COVID-19 lockdown had affected mobile user behaviors. They knew how well to capitalize on this situation through the provision of solutions. A crisis as grave as the coronavirus pandemic has yielded opportunities in the following industries:


We all know that education came to a standstill due to COVID-19. Learning institutions all over the world were forced to close down operations, and send students home. However, through the wizardry of technology, studies are still ongoing virtually/remotely for many students. And this is a direct result of mobile apps created to bridge the deficit created by coronavirus. Education apps have helped teachers interact with their students and carry on with studies, even at a distance.

Social Networking

Social media, quite frankly, has kept many going during this pandemic. With loneliness being the main concern due to the forced lockdowns, many have found comfort in social media. We have managed to share stories and interact with each other from the confines of our houses.

The lack of opportunities to meet up with friends and have fun was brought about by COVID-19. However, some social networking apps are helping persons across the globe to keep up with interactions, just as they did before the pandemic. Providing an escape from the current reality, is something mobile app developers have managed to do through social networking apps.


The drastic change in shopping and dining lifestyles must have shook many. The policies and measures put by governments to battle coronavirus include social distancing. With social distancing in place, people had to change their shopping and dining traits. Eating in restaurants with friends by your side became a non-practical option.

The critical role that mobile delivery apps have played cannot be emphasized enough. People started ordering essentials through these delivery apps, thus, reducing the need to leave the house. Therefore, since there wouldn’t be a need to go for groceries, food, and other essentials, then it would mean that the spread of the virus would go low.

Arguably, delivery apps have benefitted most from this pandemic, with a whopping 51% increase in usage. In fact, one study revealed that the percentage of installs for delivery apps went up to a shocking 166%. And the best part is that this might remain the norm long after the end of COVID-19. Besides, the stricter the quarantine measures become, the better the traction for these apps. Therefore, there are vast opportunities for mobile application development in this area alone.


People have experienced boredom like never before, especially at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Talk of the ban on social gatherings, which led to the closure of clubs, restaurants, and several other public amenities. And then remember the fact that international travel was brought to a sudden halt. All of these happenings must have led to an unexpected boredom.

Nevertheless, entertainment has always provided humanity an escape from boredom and loneliness. The surge in entertainment apps, therefore, wasn’t something out of the blues. The moment this pandemic made people stick to their homes, it was evident that entertainment apps would spruce up. These apps have gained ground worldwide, with some going viral. The youth, to be more precise, have benefitted from these apps, and have plenty of them in their devices during this quarantine.

Healthcare and Telemedicine

Last, but definitely not least, is the healthcare and telemedicine industry. As an app development company, the question isn’t why to invest in healthcare apps, but rather when. Quite evidently, people need healthcare and telemedicine apps right now more than ever before. Therefore, apps in this industry are more of an essential/no-brainer.

Health and fitness apps, for instance, have seen an increase in demand and usability over the past few weeks. This is especially true for apps that share info and tips to beat the COVID-19 infection.

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to invest in mobile apps, if you are still skeptical about the idea. With thousands of opportunities across different industries, you won’t miss a niche to invest your time and creativity.

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