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As a startup, or a business owner, you have probably thought of a mobile app at some point. The current digital era demands a mobile application to make operations seamless. Evading this important step can put you out of business really quick.

However, mobile app development isn’t as easy as you may imagine it to be. For one, you might have challenges developing the app. And once it is done, users may fail to appreciate it. However, by following the right path, you can easily create a successful mobile app.

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The demand for mobile applications has skyrocketed over this coronavirus lockdown period. The ordinary person spends about 4 hours every day on their mobile phone as shared by Website Builder. This is especially true for the persons aged 18-24. Therefore, now is a great time to capitalize on this increase. However, you’ll need to consider the following:

1.      Audience

Often under looked by many developers, knowing the audience is critical. No matter the effort you put in creating an effective mobile app, it’s pointless without knowing who’ll use it. Consumers downloaded 204 billion apps in 2019 alone. And this number is set to go higher in the subsequent years. You’ll need to tap into this market by understanding who your clients are.

Focusing on the specific functionalities of an app is great, but how about the audience? This will help you target the app to that particular audience. In fact, some of the features in the app depend on who’s going to use it.

2.      Concept Proofing

Now that you’ve discovered the target audience, it’s now time to test the murky waters of app development. In 2020, there should be about 592 million app downloads daily. The first step in tapping into this broad base is to ask yourself whether the app solves any fundamental problem. How much can it stand out from the huge crowd of mobile applications in the market? In case your idea is already out there, then it makes no sense developing a similar app.

3.      Security

Security is key when developing a mobile app. Any professional app development company knows too well how valuable user information is. People and phones are inseparable nowadays. And mobile app downloads will exceed 250 billion in 2022. We tend to store all our confidential information in our phones, including those from applications

Therefore, creating an app without data protection would be a disaster. You’ll place people’s information susceptible to theft and corruption. You don’t want to watch your dream of a successful application crumble right before your eyes. Thus, try and ensure that you fortify the security in the initial stages.

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4.      Design

The design that the app has equally plays an important part in its success. People are more inclined to downloading and using apps that have a user-friendly interface. Making an app that’s too complicated for the everyday person to use is a recipe for failure.

Get rid of app clutter, which includes elements with no basis. Only leave what’s relevant for the users. Remember that the number one thing that people will rate you for is the user interface. This is especially true for social media apps, as they are the most used app category in 2020.

5.      Coding

For rookie mobile app developers, learning how to code is an important part of the journey. Nobody was born a pro – it’s all about what we learn and implement. In fact, when it comes to app development, not many of the developers know how to code.

Often, many developers start to learn how to code through short courses. However, don’t let the word ‘short’ deceive you, as it’ll still take a fair amount of time to learn. Alternatively, if you neither have the patience nor time to learn how to code, you can hire a mobile app development company to do the job for you. With years upon years in the app development industry, we have the expertise to turn your idea into success.

6.      Learn About the Supported Platforms

The current market has two dominating mobile app platforms – iOS and Android. To ensure your app achieves the pinnacle of success, it is imperative that it runs on both platforms. However, if you must start with one, then it is highly advisable that you pick Android. It is more popular of the two, as it has a majority of smartphone users in it. There are about 2.85 million apps present in the Google play store. Therefore, make sure yours won’t simply add clutter. Also, it’s important to note that the average person spends 46 minutes in the Google play store. Chances are that he or she will download your app if it makes sense.

Nonetheless, the iOS store equally has a huge following and usage, as approximately 500 million people visit it every week. Also, there are about 1.84 million apps in the iOS store.

7.      Be Future Proof

A mobile app should have a futuristic plan or goal. You aren’t developing it for the current market alone, but also for posterity purposes. Securing the future of your mobile application even before its inception is a sure way of succeeding in this industry. You’ll have every comeback for the possible setbacks that may arise.
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8.      Payments

If you are developing a mobile app that needs users to pay at some point, then it is essential to factor this in early. Get an online payment gateway that users can make payments through seamlessly. If possible, get app developers to help you integrate the payment system in such a manner that makes it automatic.

9.      Database

Any app glitches in today’s competitive market equals a quick uninstall, and a nasty feedback. After all, 2% of app users open an app over 100 times per day. Imagine if the app is slow.

To prevent this, therefore, it would be best if you had a speedy database, which provides an optimum performance. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a database include:

  • Safety and security of data.
  • Data accessibility.
  • Size of stored data.
  • Data structure.
  • Speed
  • Scalability

10. Research

Many people tend to forget about research when creating mobile apps. Learn how different your app can be, and what the competition is doing. Failure to understand this is tantamount to shooting yourself on the foot.

11. Workflow

People will rarely take their time downloading an app that has no value to them. Ask yourself what purpose your app has, and how it makes somebody’s life simpler. Also, if your app is too hard to use, people will not download it. On the other hand, if it has limited features, they won’t see the need to have it.

12. Intuitive Navigation

How easy is it for people to get from one page to the other? Where do you place the navigation buttons of the menu? Is it at the bottom, sides, or at the top? What if your site needs a pop-up menu instead? You’ll need to answer all of these questions when thinking about the intuitive navigation.

13. Color Scheme

Although not a vital factor, the color says a lot about an app. It can be the first thing people identify your brand with. You can choose a shade of colors that best describes your line of business.

14. Orientation of the Device

Orientation of the device changes from one app to the next. While some may maintain a landscape view, others tend to work best in portrait – others in both. Make sure that the orientation you choose fits the users of the app.

15. Prototype

Many mobile app developers don’t think that a prototype matters that much. Having a basic idea that shows what you can do will help in the final outcome of the app. It ensures you build a worthy application.

Final Thoughts

In this competitive market, it is imperative that you stay ahead of your competitors always. Mobile apps are a great way of staying above the rest and improving the flow of operations in your business. Therefore, it would be best if you hired a professional application development company to help you scale up.

At ISHIR, we design and develop mobile applications to perfection, and ensure that all your queries get the right solutions. Reach out to us to know more!

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