Mobile technology has seen an enormous evolution over the last decade. Mobile phones are easy to use and carry and we’re increasingly reliant upon them. Nowadays, many people prefer mobile phones over desktop or laptop computers.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile app development industry has gained momentum and this is the most opportune time for developers to showcase their skills. With the rising mobile usage,  there has been a constant and ongoing development of new apps. Over time, people have come to expect innovative apps to improve their lives and save time. Here are 20 popular mobile app development trends to look for in 2021:

1. Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way people use mobile. AI is improving and upgrading every day. Many big companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are working on AI. As just a small example of AI, when you say “Hey Google,” Google Assistant will help you open any app or find any data.

According to PwC’s report, AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by the year 2030. From machine learning to medicine, AI  has seen tremendous advancements. App developers are using AI to solve problems, and at the same time, provide a nice experience for their app users.


2. Chatbots 

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Chatbots allow humans to communicate with apps, such as a program to answer a user’s customer service question. Businesses hire web developers to create chatbots for their online service features and can be used for both voice or text messaging.

Businesses are now adopting chatbots with AI. There are more than 300,000 chatbots just on Facebook. They can be used in any industry, whether it is e-commerce or banking. They will not only save time but also save businesses in labor costs. The demand for chatbots will increase this year as more and more businesses are moving more of their operations online.  

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3. Augmented Reality(AR)

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AR helps to create digital objects in a real-world environment. It combines the real world with the digital world. Pokemon Go is a famous AR game developed in 2016. 

AR apps make a new and easy method for displaying information. The information may contain a mixture of visuals, sound, graphics, etc. These apps can be used to promote business engagement with their clients as well as make it easier for customers to view a business’ products and services. 


4. 5G Technology

5G is a next-generation technology that is expected to change people’s internet experiences. The speed of the internet will drastically change with the 5G. It is expected that the 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G. Developers should use automated testing tools for their apps in 5G internet as there will be far more 5G users in 2021.


5. M-Commerce

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E-retail wealth is projected to grow to $6.54 trillion in 2022; a reflection of just how big the market is for e-commerce. Developers should create e-commerce apps that offer a great experience for buyers.

To improve customers’ experience, using chatbots and AR can be a smart decision. It should be created with functions like easy login, quick pay, and the best UI. As more than 70% of buyers prefer to buy products from mobile, from a competitive perspective, it’s essential to the success of your e-commerce strategies that your apps are responsive for mobile.   


6. Public Funding Apps

Many projects in development were put on hold due to the pandemic in 2020. Many public organizations have used all their money and now they need more funds to continue their work. The old way of collecting funds may not work today. Now organizations have to utilize modern methods of collecting funds from the general public and government. 

This can be a great opportunity for mobile app developers to create crowdfunding apps for different organizations; enabling the acceptance of donations in a secure environment.  


7. Super App

A super app contains multiple functions inside a single app. For example, WeChat of China is used for messaging, shopping, payments, food ordering, cabs, hotels, etc. Isn’t it interesting? Why would people use different apps for different functions if they can get all the functions in a single app?

A super app is made when the majority of internet users use mobile instead of laptops or computers. There isn’t a better time for creating super apps as the majority of internet users have already shifted to mobile.


8. M-Wallet

Consumers are now relying more on digital money than actual currency. This is also an indicator of a future trend; digital money providing relative safety from theft.

With the increase of digitalization, the use of mobile wallets is also increasing. There are already many m-wallets available worldwide. Mobile app developers should seek to improve current versions to set themselves apart. 

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9. Housing Service

Apps with functions related to household management can gain a larger customer base in 2021. It should contain all the functions like rent reports, water, and electricity, home maintenance, decorations, etc.

People love to use these types of apps if the app performs those types of tasks that are time-consuming yet necessary. House servicing apps can be linked with disaster management, police, ambulance, and other emergency-related events. 


10. Online Learning

Online learning platforms are popular and experiencing major growth. Because of the pandemic, students are focusing on improving their skills through online learning. It’s time-saving, available, and effective. Students can choose any course or teacher as per their preference. Even parents are now convinced their children are better off studying online rather than enrolling in coaching institutes.

Building online learning apps can be profitable for both mobile app developers and educational institutes, as well as beneficial for their students.


11. Mobile Assistant

Mobile assistants can help perform different tasks with the input of users. Users will have access to general information such as time, temperature, news, schedules, etc.

People love to use assistants because of their advanced technology. The voice activation technology enables a conversation–almost like a friend! We can talk with them, they can tell us jokes. Mobile assistant apps will continue to see growth in the coming years.


12. Smart Driving 

Road accidents are increasing every day and drivers are facing problems with parking, road traffic, road conditions, etc. Smart driving apps can help make driving easier and safer. Apps with auto GPS tracking can help drivers find the best and safest route to their destination. They can also keep the driver informed of detours and other hazards. 

Driving apps that automatically call the police or ambulance immediately after a serious accident can help increase the odds of survival by 60%. Adding new innovative functions on smart driving apps can help to remove hundreds of driving-related challenges.


13. Crowd Eliminating App  

The situation outside our home is very critical. People are fearful of going to crowded places. The crowd elimination feature works on GPS and other technologies to find the least crowded route to your destination.

It’s a great app to maintain social distance from people and move around safely wherever we go. People living in crowded areas will find this app helpful in staying safe.  


14. Smart Homing

How about opening the doors without touching them? Smart home technology provides comfort and security by operating electronic devices by voice. 

Houses can be automated to connect and start appliances from mobile. Smart home applications are connected to electronic devices such as TV, AC, lights, fans, cameras, alarms, and door locks. A smart home can be most beneficial for elderly people as it saves them effort while still providing convenience and safety. 


15. Beacon Technology

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Beacon is a wireless Bluetooth device that helps to transmit information to other devices. It will be one of the most in-demand app development trends in 2021. It can help retail businesses to connect with their audiences. Beacon-enabled apps can show the location of available products and their complete descriptions.

Beacons are small devices containing batteries, CPU, and radio. They can help businesses in data analyzing, advertising, and improving user experiences. Many hotels, stores, schools, and hospitals are already using beacons to connect with their audiences.


16. Photo Editing 

People are already crazy about photo editing. The app with lots of features in photo editing will always be popular among users. App developers can create something new in photo editing technology. Just like FaceApp, this AI-powered app has received huge recognition because of its broad appeal. 


17. Smart Farming

Producing a large number of agricultural products can help to defend against famine and inflation. Mobile phones have established smart ways of farming. Digitalization of agriculture has enabled agriculturists to improve the ecosystems. By connecting devices with mobile, they can control any agricultural device.

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Both governmental and non-governmental sectors are working on various agricultural tools. Making apps to connect with such devices can help maintain efficiency for labor workforces in agriculture.


18. Mind Relaxing App

Even with the many technological advancements making so many of our tasks easier and less time-consuming, people are just as tired and stressed as ever. App developers can create apps with specific mind-relaxing capabilities for more relaxation through healing visuals and audio. 

People enjoy these types of apps and find that they’re very effective. Developers can add certain elements recommended through consultations with therapists. 


19. Photo To Information

Google Lens is an image recognition technology used to identify objects through the camera. Developers can make apps on the same pattern for different industries such as education, health, etc. They can also create apps that can show how the searched object is made. 


20. Pocket Doctor

As we all can see, this pandemic has affected the lives of billions of people. People are now more concerned about their health, so developing a healthcare app can be a wise choice for app developers. When it comes to health care apps, they can be useful and motivate people to make changes for the better in their lives. An app that measures calories, footsteps, pulse rate, water level, etc., might just be even more popular in 2021.   

And by connecting doctors and patients through the app, it’s possible to be treated by a physician or health professional much more easily. Of course, any health-related app will need to be carefully tested. 


Final Thoughts

Millions of apps already exist in the Google Play store and the App Store. The year 2021 is expected to be an evolutionary year in app development. Out of the many app trends, we have written the 20 best trends for 2021.

There is high competition among app developers. The mobile app developers will need to focus on the latest technologies and stay ahead of trends to be able to make a better app to appeal to more consumers. 

Now is the time to invest in mobile apps, if you are still skeptical about the idea. With thousands of opportunities across different industries, you won’t miss a niche to invest your time and creativity.

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