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The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on firms was so significant that the working culture of organizations took a paradigm and unprecedented shift. Now, 43% of the world’s workers must sit at home and work remotely. It is highly possible that the post-Covid-19 era has more remote workers than before, and this will lead to adjustments in the way the HR department handles the workforce.


Challenges of Managing Remote Staff Post-Pandemic


HR experts did not imagine the challenges of COVID-19 even in their worst nightmares! According to a Gartner report, more than 14000 enterprises in more than 100 countries are facing challenges in terms of managing remote staff. Uncertainty has brought economic issues to a halt, workers are under challenging conditions, and the human resource personnel is desperately trying to hold it all together. HR faces new problems with the abrupt change in the work community and the work culture.

1. Increased mental health problems

The abrupt change in work culture has taken a toll on the general health and well-being of workers.


2. Handling remote work

 New work culture brings many undiscovered challenges; real-time strategies, many workloads, wanting an immediate response, and more.


3. Failure to act quickly

Many HR teams have not been developed to be agile. And it has a huge impact on the HR experts. In this crisis, reacting quickly and moving fast is essential. According to Gartner, more than 15 HRs in more than 60 companies fails to act quickly


4. Uncertainty  

 It is a tremendous risk to feel intimidated by not understanding what the future holds or the steps required to continue operational activities.


How HRMS can make things seamless in managing remote workers

HRMS, an up-to-date HR application, is the solution to the HR department’s problems in a situation close to that the world is facing today.


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1. Performance enhancement

 HRMS gives you a significantly increased efficiency in managing items in the HR department when reduced work yields excellent performance. Paperwork and manual entry of data will disappear, and you’ll soon praise your HRMS.  According to Cision PR Newswire, 13% of business leaders have voiced that they have seen an increment in performance by the employees when an HRMS is in place.

2. Cost-saving

You might think of how much you will save by preventing unnecessary mistakes in your HR operations – payroll in particular. Automation will allow you to use less energy to run your HR department. According to Hewitt Associates, organizations tend to save up to 10-20% in overall benefits and HR delivery costs with an HRMS.

3. Reduce mistakes

Removing the manual data entry process helps to minimize errors that are primarily involved with the HR-operations. With smooth data flow through networks, information collection would be a breeze, for example, withdrawal and participation for payroll processing.

4. Empower workers

With open and available data to all staff, they become more empowered in handling their leave demands and attendance. Workers oversee their knowledge and decisions.

5. Simpler to monitor data

Structured data is a boon. That’s precisely what HRMS helps you do. No more e-mail exchange for leave applications or time off permits. Be ready for audits and jiffy reports where appropriate.

6. Centralize contact with workers

Act as a close unit. HRMS facilitates smooth coordination with all workers in the company simultaneously. HRMS makes this convenient with some announcements, notifications, or just a check-in.


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 Why off-the-shelf HRMS may not be the right choice for you


A variety of HRMS products are available in the market. Regardless of its layout, the HRMS can be a mechanism that offers essential knowledge and facilitates decision-making. But most of these cloud-based HRMS available to us have their own limitations and they bind you with their preset rules. We understand that each organization operates disparately and they follow their unique processes which need a lot of customization.

Off-the-shelf HRMS enables you to start quickly with HR and recruiting applications that are ready-to-use however such applications cannot fulfill the uniqueness of your company. Hence the need for a custom-built HRMS solution.

Below are the primary seven reasons for not opting for Off-the-shelf HRMS:

  • Built to accommodate a range of industries’ core requirements, including standard models, interfaces, etc. not suitable for a niche organization.
  • Single HRIMS targets and business needs are probably not met.
  • Additional features are provided that the company may not need or want (but will still have to pay for).
  • This HRIMS could be the right choice for today, but it could not fulfill companies’ potential needs based on several reasons (technological growth, change of market structure, etc.).
  • Upgrades cost extra.
  • Oversaturated functionality.


Why not have your own customized one?

Most organizations favor a structured HRMS approach and use an extensive HR module kit. A customized HRMS approach allows small, medium-sized, and big businesses to effectively simplify diverse staff management activities. Some of the essential HR modules are time and assistance, self-service of employees, maintenance of the employer database, recruiting, onboarding, talent management, and profit administration. The bundle of these customized technologies will benefit companies in several ways:


  • No such thing as one size fits all
    Each company, some more than others, may have unique requirements to be met. These needs cannot be fulfilled without custom software development. Modification of built-in functionalities is hardly an alternative for apps purchased from the shop, while applications built only to consider this, play with the strengths and scale, and differing needs.


  • Competing Benefit
    Not only can you have customized software that can satisfy any of your unique demands with your custom development system at your side, but it can also be designed to outperform specific limitations in what is open to the majority of your rivals. You build the unique opportunity that no peer would have access to by investing in applications crafted according to your requirements.


  • Software’s yield benefits
    It provides the organization with another internally owned asset that can be sold, licensed, or bundled as software-as-a-service (SaaS). This will unlock several new doors for future sources of revenue. It’s a professionally branded product that will give the workers a greater sense of emergence than others as they work on their resources during the day.


How ISHIR is beneficial for you in terms of customized HRMS software


Since 1999 we have been designing thousands of custom solutions at ISHIR. We have many years of experience serving firms with our profound knowledge of agile software development methodology using our proprietary software development systems, which allows them to meet their business objectives and recognize the specific problems, desires, and business priorities of our clients. Owing to the tremendous benefit it offers its end-users, our customized tech applications have expanded our customers’ market share.

There are several vital functions ISHIR is using to make your HRMS customized as per your needs:-

  • Automated recruiting
    You can build work boards from prototypes, tracking candidates, and automate shortlisting easily with the HR software. You can then submit automatic interview invites via email, log reviews, and create new employee records before embarking.


  • Digital Preboarding, Onboarding, and Offboarding
    Digitalize employee’s life cycle first and last steps. Display prospective workers the full compensation of the candidate. Enable new employees to access materials like work phones or laptops before their first day, read workplace rules, and more. Good-bye to the employees leaving and receiving valuable feedback via digital exit forms.


  • Time-off requirements
    Let your system coordinate working schedules within departments, work with your organization’s integrated rules to calculate overtime and time required automatic, and ensure appropriate workweek coverage to reduce employee deficiencies and increase productivity.


  • Global Platform
    Manage your multilateral staff from one source. Through a global immersion experience, managers can access corporate data rewards and benefits, manage costs of benefit, and make strategic choices based on intelligent, operating data, all in one place.


In Conclusion


ISHIR helps in the development of HRMS software that will provide organizations of all shapes and sizes with drastic benefits. The useful tools can simplify operations, save HR professionals time and money, and contribute to more significant market growth by delivering practical insights to management to fix the workforce’s strengths and deficiencies. According to a recent study, the majority of the HR (59%) is now dependent on customized HRMS, what are you waiting for? If you are still thinking talk to our custom software experts today.


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