Bollywood CineTrailers Mobile App

Bollywood CineTrailers Mobile App keeps the fans up to date with the latest movies.

Bollywood CineTrailers mobile app available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Windows Phone Market allows Bollywood fans to watch all the latest Bollywood movie trailers at the comfort of their mobile devices. The app supports all Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Google Android and Windows Phone 8 devices and Tablets.

  • Watch latest Bollywood Movie trailers without spending time searching for them on the web.
  • All Bollywood Movie trailers are on High Definition (HD).
  • Important Links to Wikipedia page dedicated to the movie.
  • Allows users to share the link with their friends via email, FaceBook and Twitter.
  • The Bollywood movie trailer app is managed using a Microsoft .net content management system (CMS) that allows the administrator to manage the content that runs on the mobile devices.
  • Each time the Bollywood CineTrailers movie trailer app is triggered from the devices, an updated file is uploaded to your mobile device. User also has the option to refresh the content upon pressing the refresh button.
  • Many additional features have been planned to be added to the movie trailer app such as movie ratings, app rating, Social Media feeds about the movie, Bollywood movie reviews and much more.
  • The Bollywood Movie trailer app is FREE to download from Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Windows Phone Market.

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