How we developed one of a kind Fertility Care mobile application

CARE FERTILITY is a fully functional mobile application available in the United Kingdom. The app helps the patients looking for IVF services in interacting with the professionals, accessing their records, and necessary information regarding the treatment in a smooth, secure, and straightforward manner.

The Background

Problems with conceiving are much more common than one may realise. Around one in six couples experience some difficulty in achieving a pregnancy, but the good news is that our client can help almost 90% of them to achieve their dream of starting a family.

When one thinks about fertility treatment, IVF or in vitro fertilisation is probably the first thought. But there are many fertility treatment options available and CARE Fertility advises its clients on the best one according to their individual needs.

Problem Statement

Fertility issues are very intimate, and the treatment requires personal medical attention. Thus, our client wanted us to come up with a mobile application with a patient portal just like they have on their website. The application’s idea is to maintain information about the patient’s egg banks, messages from clinic, clinic visits, and medical history.

IVF seeking patients who use this application can access their CARE records, keep in touch with the fertility team, and virtually map their whole treatment. This allows CARE fertility to stay ahead in client satisfaction and emerge as the UK’s leading fertility clinic group for IVF treatment.

The client wished to incorporate our experience with their ideology and build a secure feature-rich mobile application that is responsive and easy to use. That is precisely what we did!

Care Fertility: Safe and secure IVF Records Management Application

CARE Fertility is a mobile application built in NativeScript cross-platform technology to ensure that every patient's journey with CARE is smooth and private. The application helps with the first step towards having a family of your own.

CARE Fertility’s Patient Portal uses various technologies to power a system that lets every patient track their personalised treatment created based on the initial medical questionnaire available on the app, view appointments, pay bills online, receive Embryoscope videos, watch Injection Teach videos and much more without missing on any notification. All the forms given out are highly customised based on the information added by the patient in the app.

Our Strategy

The main goal was to build the Most Valuable Product that enables IVF seeking patients to access everything about their treatment digitally.

We started with formulating an in-depth understanding of the dynamic forms and the APIs provided by the client built around the egg bank feature and other related work. Based on our knowledge, we discussed our strategy with the client and decided to work in sprints as a part of the Agile Framework. Finally, we worked on feedback received after the final release.

How we work

Design Phase

Understand: Before starting with the design phase, it was essential for us to know the nature of the existing online forms and the criteria and selection of egg bank.

Discuss: Our designers and developers worked closely with the client on every feature and provided product builds on adding new ones.

Create: The client came up with some basic web responsive designs that were being employed on their current website. So, we were concerned about the creation of the app. We followed the standard Material User Interface for the application designs and worked around the existing ones.

Key Challenge: The client was not ready with the APIs needed for creating the portal, and we had to wait initial two weeks to get the related APIs. Yet we were able to meet our deadlines and deliver on time.

Development Phase

Once we were ready with the software design and the necessary APIs, we created the app's architecture in Native Script. We employed the TypeScript Approach for the architecture, and TSLint coding standards were followed along with the development. Following the standard practices helped us get the app up and running smoothly.

Tech Stack

Frontend: NativeScript written in Angular with TypeScript


Compatibility: Both Android and Apple Devices

a. Android phones running Android 9 Pie (API 28) & Android 10 (API 29)

b. Apple devices running iOS 13 & iOS 14.

Orientation: Portrait and Landscape

Language: UK English

The value our service offered

The solution reached significant market traction in all 21 locations where CARE Fertility clinics are located. The application has been up and in use by the patients of the most skilled and experienced fertility practitioners in the country. With the application, the client has been able to provide value to its customers and enhance their Patient Portal Service capabilities. Our team at ISHIR successfully met all material business needs and further helped the client pivot towards platform enhancements.

The user-friendly interface helped get even the non-tech-savvy patients on board and was satisfied by the secure experience. Thus, CARE fertility saw steady adoption and usage.

What lies ahead?

The application is fully developed, and the maintenance support is available round the clock.

Client Testimonial