One App, Countless Conveniences: Simplifying Student Life With Modern Mobile App Revolution

Collin College, founded in 1985 with initial classes at local high schools, has grown significantly. Today, it serves over 60,000 students annually through both credit and continuing education programs. As the only public college in Collin County, it offers a diverse range of disciplines with over 100 degrees and certificates.  Currently boasting eight campuses, with an expansion to 12 planned for the near future, Collin College serves students across McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, and Rockwall.

The Background

Collin College recognized the need for a more user-friendly experience, Collin College sought to move beyond their previous white-labeled app and thought of building a superior mobile application specifically designed to enhance the user experience for its students.


Collin College wasn’t satisfied with their current mobile app. It was a basic, white-label solution with little customization, leading to limited functionality and a poor user experience. This resulted in low adoption among students. 

A significant challenge for this project was integrating with Collin College’s existing systems. Most of the crucial data resided in legacy systems that lacked readily available APIs or user-friendly data access methods. This meant the development team had to invest significant effort in creating custom solutions to extract the necessary information from these older systems, ensuring the new mobile app could function effectively.


  • Native iPad app
  • Native Android App
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • API creation
  • AWS
  • Banner integration
  • Microsoft Q&A Maker
  • Chatbot
  • Post-release support
  • Versioning

Our Strategy

  • ISHIR transformed the mobile experience for Collin College students by developing a user-friendly and comprehensive app available on both iOS and Android devices. 
  • A key challenge was integrating with the college’s existing legacy systems. ISHIR’s team overcame this hurdle by developing custom APIs that successfully retrieved the data students needed, bridging the gap between old and new technologies.
  • The app prioritizes student convenience. The personalized dashboard displays a clear view of class locations across different campuses, even for students with classes on the same day. To further enhance efficiency, the app estimates drive time between classes and even predicts parking availability at the destination campus.
  • Beyond addressing logistical concerns, ISHIR implemented a helpful chatbot powered by Microsoft’s Q&A Maker. 
  • Finally, the app caters to the most requested functionalities for college students. From seamlessly paying for classes and viewing grades to virtually joining queues for advisor meetings and accessing financial aid information, the app streamlines essential tasks and empowers students to manage their college experience with ease.


Collin College embarked on a public RFP process to find the perfect partner for their mobile app vision. ISHIR emerged victorious, and through close collaboration with the college’s Innovation office, we transformed their dream of a beautiful, comprehensive, and user-friendly app for students into a reality. The new app marked a complete turnaround from their previous off-the-shelf solution, boasting far greater functionality and user engagement. It was a 180-degree shift for the better.


The launch of the new mobile app marks a significant milestone for Collin College and ISHIR. The app has seamlessly integrated into the student experience, becoming an indispensable tool for navigating college life. This “win for all parties” scenario sets the stage for exciting future possibilities. Here’s what lies ahead:

  • Continuous Improvement: ISHIR and Collin College will remain committed to ongoing app development. User feedback and data analysis will guide future updates, ensuring the app continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of the student body.
  • Expanded Functionality: Based on student input and evolving trends in mobile technology, the app’s functionality can be further expanded.
  • A Model for Others: Collin College’s success story can serve as a blueprint for other educational institutions seeking to leverage mobile technology to enhance the student experience.

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