How We Built a Social Organization App for Youth Employment

edujob is a non- government organisation app in Brazil that empowers youth and connects them with the best part-time job opportunities. The portal provides employment opportunities to freshers so that they become independent and grow into responsible adults.

The Background

Don’t you want to be independent? Everyone wishes to have a job so that they can support themselves without being a concern of their parents. For high school and university going students in the age group of 14-24, a part-time job is a necessity. A part-time job gives you both the opportunity to stand on your own and take responsibility for your life.

Though the need for part-time jobs is increasing, there is no solution to meet these demands. People look for part-time jobs that will be suitable for their school or college schedule. But the reality is it's very difficult to find jobs that go right with your class schedules.

edujob aims to address this issue of the youth of finding part-time jobs that suit their daily routine. edujob is developed with the aim to connect students looking for part-time jobs with companies that have the vacancy for the same.

Our client through their portal collects all the information about the skills and education of the students and matches them with the job role that fits them the best. edujob takes the charge themselves to conduct and schedule interviews between the student and the company for job.

The idea behind the app was to provide a platform for both the students and the companies to fulfil each other's needs.

That is why the client required an app with the user-friendly flow and rich features so that they can ease up the entire process and create a value for human resources. They wanted to develop a system where the job seekers can connect with the most suitable job givers.

Our team made sure that each of the client's needs and vision is met and incorporated into the app.

edujob: Application To Transform Work and Education

edujob was made to free the youth from the shackles of social issues by strengthening family relations, income generation, combating school drop-out and inclusion of the skilled youth in the labour market. This is done through various learning programs and sessions to understand the needs of the youth and address it accordingly.

edujob is a part of the Pró-Aprendiz Network, a Brazilian national alliance that, through partnerships, strengthens socio-economic development, promoting the insertion of young people in the world of work through apprenticeship programs.

That is why edujob wanted a team of experts who would develop a professional app that would include all social working areas of edujob. We build the app to facilitate all that edujob promises to deliver at one place.

Our Strategy

The goal was to build the app so that the students can register on the app to list their details, class schedule and what type of job they are looking for. The companies can also register through the same app to announce their vacancy for part-time jobs.

edujob now collects the information from both the student and the company to schedule interviews for the job role. Students don’t have to apply themselves for the job instead edujob takes the charge of the whole process till the student gets the job.

Create – Our team worked with dedication to deliver a feature-rich app that serves all the purpose of the client.

scrum – this helps to address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Scrum is a lightweight framework which tends to provide a helping hand to the teams and organizations and generate value through adaptive solutions.

Learn – We worked closely with the client and adhered to every minute detail in the feedback. Effective improvisations were made to improve the app for better functioning.

How we work

Design Phase

Our team worked to formulate the model of the app. The wireframe of the app is designed in a way to make the app feel more structured. The organized layout of the app gives the users benefit to find what they are looking for. Our professional team carried out regular checks and tests to make sure that the app is easy-to-navigate.

The edujob logo conveys the vision of the app as perfectly as it should be. The logo shows what edujob stands for.

To make it convenient for the users, we designed the app with multiple options to log in. With the easy login feature, users don't have to struggle to remember the passwords every time. Every step is designed in a very simple way to help the users register without any difficulty.

Development Phase

The app development phase was completed by keeping in regard all the feedback from the client. Our team developed the app so that the students as well as the companies can register easily for their requirements.

The registration process in the app is to build keeping in focus both the students and the companies. Students and the companies have different tabs to register within the same app.

We ensured that the development phase was completed in time so that we deliver the app to the client within the stipulated deadline.

Development Phase

  • • Node.js
  • • Angular
  • • SonarQube
  • • Google AI

The Value We Delivered

The edujob app has helped around 170 thousand young people to meet their job requirements without disturbing their daily class schedules. The app currently serves 22 thousand young people and has 1.3 thousand partner institutions across Brazil.

The app we built helped the client to expand its presence to 22 states and the Federal District. It also benefited the client to form collaborations with several private and public companies. About 1 million students registered on the app in just one month. This prospered the application and took it forward.

Client Testimonial