ISHIR helps City, State and Federal Governments IT departments “do more with less” with the help of its expertise and experience in working in IT

Federal, State and Local Governments are going through tough times.  Citizens are demanding more accountability and transparency while requesting for more efficiencies in citizen services.  Obama administration has put pressure on the governments to leverage cloud computing.  Government IT departments need to be the driving force of change and do it with limited resources.

ISHIR Government IT services enable government IT departments to improve citizen services, increase efficiency, keep data more secure, and meet budgetary goals.  We have worked directly with the government IT and non IT personnel to understand their internal needs and goals and have helped cities and counties with limited budgets optimize their technology budgets.   Our mantra for the governments have involved in simplifying IT by standardizing, modernizing to develop efficiency and innovate to acceleration transformation and change.

Focus Areas in Government IT Services

ISHIR has implemented innovated solutions to help city, county, state governments get the most of their Microsoft investments.  Our IT services for government agencies include:

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