ISHIR expertise and experience in healthcare ecosystem can address challenges and seize opportunities in healthcare

Healthcare is a growing industry sector with huge opportunities and increasing competitive, social, and political pressures. Healthcare independent software development vendors (ISV) and in-house healthcare IT departments must keep up with an ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape to stay ahead of the curve. It is especially critical to provide software integration and data exchange between multiple systems, as well as multiple methods of access to data including desktop, web, mobile and cloud.

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Focus Areas in Healthcare IT and Software Development

ISHIR has a long history of developing healthcare software products that are robust, reliable, scalable, secure and fully compliant with regulatory standards. ISHIR has experience and expertise in the following areas of healthcare industry.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems
  • Electronic Medical Imaging and PACS
  • Release of Medical Information Systems & Services
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Healthcare Practice Management Systems
  • Pharmacy Management Systems
  • Clinical Trial Management

  • Healthcare Informational Portals
  • Internal Hospital Portals in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Doctor/Nurse Scheduling System
  • Medical Worker Recruitment Management Systems
  • Medical Monitoring Devices (eg. Cardiac Event Monitoring, Pacemaker Monitoring)
  • Hospital or Clinic or Doctor Websites
  • Search engine marketing and social media marketing services

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Advantage of working with ISHIR

To rapidly and cost effectively provide healthcare software development and support services to ISVs and healthcare , ISHIR leverages a pool of engineers with healthcare experience in desktop, mobile and web application design, user experience design, system implementation, integration, data exchange protocols, scalability, performance tuning, security implementation and experience healthcare regulations. We also employ over 350 healthcare software engineers with skills that include:

  • Medical systems connectivity (X12 EDI, HL7, CCD/CDA, DICOM)
  • Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health integration
  • Security standards and HIPAA requirements
  • FDA and CE requirements
  • Scalability, SaaS and Cloud Computing
  • Mobile applications and Telemedicine
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