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Do you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and want to get full support via a trusted Microsoft Partner advisor? Are you considering associating your account with a Partner so that you can get personalized help when you need an issue solved? If so, you have just landed at the right place.

Upon listing ISHIR as your Partner of Record (POR), we will offer you 10 support incidents (a maximum of ten minutes each) over the phone to assist you through set up or other issues with your new Office 365 deployment. Note that assigning ISHIR as your POR would not change any support you get from Microsoft or your subscription fee with Microsoft. Adding us as a POR just confirms with Microsoft that you trust ISHIR as your POR, and Microsoft reimburses us for our work.

Please note that you can just have one POR for any subscription. If you have purchased Microsoft Office 365 and get support from another partner, kindly leave them as your POR.

If you would like to change the partner for a subscription, or add ISHIR as your Partner of Record, follow the below mentioned steps. It is extremely quick and simple to add ISHIR as your Partner of Record.

1. Log in using the Microsoft Online Services Portal

2. Click “Licensing.”

3. Click the name of the subscription you want to modify.

4. Click Edit.

5. Enter ISHIR’s Partner ID-554945.

6. Once we receive notification of the update you will be eligible to begin your year of complimentary support. **

**Complimentary Support includes up to ten 10 minute or less phone support sessions related to the implementation of your Office 365 account.

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