Oracle Database

The system is built around a relational database framework in which data objects may be directly accessed by users (or an application front end) through structured query language (SQL). Oracle is a fully scalable relational database architecture and is often used by global enterprises, which manage and process data across wide and local area networks. The Oracle database has its own network component to allow communications across networks.

With the assistance of its auxiliary features, ORACLE qualifies the ACID test, which ensures high integrity of data. It has been efficaciously ported to more than 100 hardware platforms and to about 20 networking protocols, thus making it ahead of any of its competitors. This is one of the reasons why Oracle is by far the heftiest RDBMS vendor in the IT-Market.

Ishir Database Administrators support full Oracle Database Lifecycle Consulting Services and have the operational expertise to perform the day-to-day tasks needed to ensure your business systems are ready and available.

From database “housekeeping” tasks to designing high availability architecture models, our team provides our customers with a customized solution that fits their business needs.

ISHIR provides the following services in Oracle:

  • Database Consulting
  • Database Backups to local servers
  • Production Data Restore
  • RMAN backups
  • Capacity Planning
  • Database Code Deployments
  • Database Maintenance
  • Security patching for database products
  • Day-to-day maintenance such as tablespace management, memory management, user maintenance and reporting
  • Performance and SQL statement tuning
  • Functional/bug patching
  • Database monitoring
  • Issue resolution and troubleshooting
  • Backup and recovery
  • Team mentoring
  • Full environment documentation
  • Code migration/promotion
  • Configuration management

ISHIR has a number of Oracle experts with the required certification. We have helped clients across the globe in addressing their Oracle database needs.


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