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May 42003ISHIR today launched, an online embroidered linen web-store. The site showcases the product catalog that Whites of London sells across UK and rest of Europe.

This web presence will help Whites of London to tap into niche markets through the power of the Internet and would help in replicating their ‘brick and mortar’ offline business model to the new online world. The site has been dynamically designed that would enable regular updates of the product offerings and make the site up-to-date. ISHIR has designed and developed the website using latest cutting-edge technologies like ASP, SQL 2000, Flash, HTML.

The new online business model of Whites of London would bring huge cost savings in terms of reduced marketing expenditures, low cost of customer acquisition and cost-effectiveness in servicing and communicating with clients. Till now, the business focus was only on UK market but now with a new website, the operating horizons have broadened and indeed become global. With a sound portfolio of unique and quality products, Whites of London can expand their base and reach out to other big markets within EU.

The website has been designed keeping in mind intuitive navigability features along with information architecture that allows for easy web updates on a regular basis. The look and feel of the website meshes well with the brand image that Whites of London has in the offline world, one which reflects sober colors and simplicity with an element of coolness. as been designed with cross navigation features in mind, a high level of usability and information architecture to map their current way of conducting business.

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Whites of London has an offline mail order business in UK through which they sell Embroidered Linen, fully imported from India. They will now tap the Internet Market with the newly launched website.

Their offline business model works by way of mailing the brochures to the potential clients via mail whenever a new product range is launched. Their market focus is currently on UK but now they have a wider reach though the Internet and can tap a wider market in and around UK (EU as well as rest of the world).


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ISHIR, founded in 2000, maintains an offshore development center in New Delhi, India and has regional sales offices in Dallas, London, Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta, Toronto, and Paris, France.

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