Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Real World Experience Shared by ISHIR, Microsoft Partner

Dallas, Texas, March 6, 2012 – ISHIR feels the outages it experienced to be the primary reason for its moving away from Google Apps. However, it has been a long term user of Microsoft Exchange and the most comfortable with Microsoft Outlook.

In a Google Apps vs. Office 365 face-off, conducted by Redmond Magazine, dozens of reviewers across the globe have drawn a comparison between Google Apps for Business to Microsoft Office 365. In several shootouts made in this context, Rishi Khanna of ISHIR, Dallas, puts forward his expert comments. Proficient in Office 365 and Google Apps, Rishi said, “The most important reason we moved from Google was the outages that we experienced”. We felt the Google Web interface wasn’t conducive to a business environment”. He adds, “Having come from using Microsoft Exchange for 10 years and being very comfortable with Outlook, it didn’t involve much of a brainy effort.

In the initial stages, ISHIR was unsure about Microsoft’s capability to create a competing product for the cloud. After using Google Apps for almost two years, the company moved on to BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) in 2009 and upgraded itself to Office 365 – the most recent achievement on the part of ISHIR.

Being apprehensive about the bad gamble Google has played, ISHIR holds the belief that the cloud comes up aces. IT Services Provider portrays the cause-effect relationship between the businesses and the cloud computing quite well. Irrespective of your business size, moving to the cloud is considered to be the most convenient and effective step any small business can take. With Microsoft Office 365, one needs limited or no support to maintain an enterprise-level solution.

“Microsoft does a great job of delivering a package of tools that companies can use for word processing, e-mail, calendars, Web meetings, document management, calendars and other unified services”, Rishi comments. Although it came to market in 2006, it has been core in most of its features for the longest time. However, most of the businesses remain dissatisfied with the Google offering.

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ISHIR has been involved with Microsoft cloud initiative since its inception. We started our Cloud practice with BPOS and Windows Azure services in 2008. We have now extended our cloud services with the introduction of Microsoft Office 365. We offer turnkey Office 365 service packages and quick starts made for the unique business requirements to help set up Office 365 for clients.

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