ISHIR Provides Accurate & Cost effective Product Data Entry & Product Cataloging Services to Leading Online Retailers

ISHIR has been helping many online retailers and eCommerce companies all over the world maintain their online stores at affordable costs without compromising on the quality, productivity or the turnaround time leveraging our experience of doing so.

With the recent downturn in the economy, many online retailers have become more conscious of managing their bottom line and have been looking for ways that would help them in cutting costs without compromising on the aesthetics of their stores. The most convenient solution for online businesses have been to outsource their Ecommerce Data Entry or Online Product Catalog Data Entry Store Maintenance to a reliable third party providers from India that would maintain online stores at costs that would not break the bank while maintain the quality of the content, accuracy of the data and regular updating of online eCommerce stores.

ISHIR has experience of supporting online stores since 1999 and also have helped over 100 eCommerce stores over the years. We offer flexible engagement and pricing models that would fit the client’s requirements and budgets. We specialize in the capturing, digitization and processing of data from various input sources, such as fax, Web forms, e-mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents. We use a key-from-image process, as well as various recognition technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Mark Sense (e.g. checkboxes), and Barcode Recognition.

Our Data Entry and Data Processing services are valid for all kinds of textual data capturing which includes the following:

  • Data entry from books or image files in any format
  • Catalog data entry, or data entry for online stores
  • OCR /data capture /data collection using an automated process
  • Data entry for Mailing List
  • Data from Yellow Pages and White Pages
  • Business Card Data Entry into any Format
  • Business Transaction Data entry such as sales/purchase/payroll
  • Online completion of surveys, survey questionnaires, and responses of customers
  • Data Entry into Software Programs and Applications

ISHIR’s Data Processing Capabilities include:

  • Ecommerce Data & Order Entry
  • Data Digitization & Conversion
  • E-Cataloging
  • Forms Processing/Claims Processing/Rebate Processing

ISHIR India has hands-on experience of processing information from various sources like printed and digital catalogs (PDF, Excel), retrieve data from manufacturer’s website, editing digitally shot images or manually retrieve data from other trade resources. We are comfortable in working with industry-leading eCommerce storefronts like eBay, Yahoo! Store, Amazon, Channel Advisor, Zen Cart, Miva Merchants, OScommerce, Magento, DemandWare, MonsterCommerce, Volusion, NetSuite as well as any custom built eCommerce application.


ISHIR understands and respects that it is not easy to choose the right provider to outsource your data entry requirements. So as to move a step ahead we invite you to take a FREE TRIAL of our data entry & product cataloging services before committing to a long term relationship. Contact us today, to work on your important initiative.

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