Feature-Rich Employee Attendance Application To Track Workforce Presence

The client is a market leader in technology and solutions in the fields of parking guidance and management systems, as well as access control, and RFID tracking solutions for growing businesses and smart cities. Headquartered is in Saudi Arabia and other branches in Egypt and USA, the client is is at the forefront of driving innovation in its core customer segments and provides turnkey solutions from a single source.

The Business Challenge

The client contacted ISHIR to develop a mobile application for tracking employee attendance in an accurate, affordable and efficient manner. Client's major goal was to create a highly functional attendance application that allows corporate/organizations to maintain the record of their on-field or in-office employees' online punch times with their location to avoid time thefts.

The application development is intended to achieve the following: Reduce the number of hours required to process employee time attendance, Automatically calculate the total worked hours including overtime, Vacation, sick days and holidays.

Project Goals

To create a robust mobile application, that helps to achieve the following goals: Increase transparency with real-time location tracking to avoid time attendance theft, thereby enhancing employee productivity.

On-field employees’ current location and route details to guide them for better work Easily monitor and track absentee trend and patterns and identify policy abuse quickly.

Enhances Connectivity as the organization can share various announcements with all the workforce through their mobile application to make everyone aware of the latest updates and to ensure that no one is left out.

Our Approach

ISHIR team began with the planning phase of the mobile application, by defining the use cases and capturing detailed functional requirements. After our kickoff meeting with client for deciding on the the project’s scope and technology, quality baseline, deliverables, milestones, success criteria and requirements, the development of the mobile application began.

The first step began with the utilizing of the preliminary research to determine if the idea works in real world by building an MVP.

Technology Selection

The technology selected for developing mobile application was Flutter considering its cross platform capability. Flutter allows to create an app for both Android and iOS from one codebase, creating a win-win situation for both developers and business owners because you save both time and resources thereby promoting high productivity. Another reason of opting Flutter was a feature called ‘Hot reload and Hot restart”. The “hot reload” allows to see the changes to their codes almost instantly, without losing the current state of the application. And this is what makes development with Flutter faster.


Secure Log and Access

The Communication between the Reader and server is secured encrypted connection and even the Fingerprint and Data is encrypted on the DB

Intuitive Homescreen

The user friendly home screen, enables employees to view a live feed with latest news and updates

Multiple Access Methods

The multiple access methods allow the users to punch as soon as they enter or exit the set boundary. The various multiple access methods incorporated into the application are:

  • NFC
  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth

The access features enables the organizations to track their employees location even if their registered devices have no internet access, guaranteeing location tracking in the areas with the worst or no network

Chat & Calling Option

The feature allows to seamlessly connect with each other through video call and chat option

In/Out Report and Leaves Status

The feature is designed is to empower the users to file leave applications with delete application options and allow them to check their leave balance online. This feature further provides a detailed report of the user's entry and exit in the organization to determine their actual productive hours in the office.


The development of the application met all the pre-decided goals and provides unprecedented visibility into employee absenteeism, trends and patterns, Status dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities for a comprehensive view of absence and leave information as well as easy insight into important trends and patterns.

The mobile application was tested and delivered within the given timeline. The client has been completely satisfied with the responsiveness and the ability portrayed by the ISHIR team for developing the application according to the market fit and client's requirements.