Discover Simple Solutions for Complex Server Problems!

Server administrators need simple solutions for complex issues. ISHIR’s remote server administration solutions will increase the reliability and stability of your server, and will enable administrators to streamline IT and security processes across the IT infrastructure.

At ISHIR, our remote server administration service delivery is built on a strong foundation of expertise, people, and processes. We have an expert team of certified server administrators who are committed in monitoring the entire status of your local area network, database server, and firewall server in a 24x7x365 environment. Our administrators will monitor, analyze and react instantaneously to find and resolve any potential problems before they affect the server performance.

With our effective remote server administration services, you get a variety of benefits, including

Proactive network monitoring

Continuous server monitoring

Complete site documentation

24X7 customer support

Immediate scanning for vulnerabilities on network devices

Our broad range of remote server administration services includes

Linux Server Administration

Windows Server Administration

Database Server Administration

Solaris Server Administration

Domain Name Server Administration

Why Choose ISHIR as your Remote Server Administration Partner?

Quick Service

With ISHIR's effective server administration services, you can quickly connect to remote computers even if they are in different local area networks. ISHIR is transparent for Firewalls, so you are not required to make any other adjustments to ports or NAT settings.

Continuous and Reliable Support

ISHIR provides you continuous, reliable and cost-effective remote server administration support services, thereby, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Minimal Downtime

At ISHIR, we follow proven methodologies and provide proactive preventative maintenance of your IT Systems, which enables us to reduce downtime majorly.

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