SharePoint Administration made easy with ISHIR’s support, maintenance, compliance, configuration, architecture and capacity planning.

Constant administration tasks have to be performed to ensure the SharePoint environment runs smoothly and efficiently. At ISHIR, we understand that how a proficient SharePoint administration team acts as a key for day-to-day SharePoint backend operations, and help you with installation and configuration, customization, and architecture and capacity planning.

We have an expert team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint specialists who possess great experience in managing SharePoint environments of different scales. Our SharePoint administrators will fully manage and administer your SharePoint infrastructure leading to reduction in IT costs, and alleviation of downtime and performance problems.

SharePoint Administration Services, include

  • Application Management: We manage a complete range of applications, including web applications, content databases, and service applications.
  • Regular Monitoring: We regularly monitor your SharePoint infrastructure, review SharePoint log files and fix any potential issues to ensure that the SharePoint environment runs smoothly.
  • System Settings: We take care of all of your system settings by managing servers, farm features, alternate access mappings, and e-mail and text messaging options.
  • Security: We manage farm administrators group, service accounts, web application policy, and information management policy to avoid any security issues.
  • Migration and Upgrade: We help you upgrade and migrate your SharePoint infrastructure by converting farm license type, enabling enterprise features, and checking product, patch and database status.

SharePoint Product Versions Supported

Why Choose ISHIR as Your SharePoint Administrator?

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: ISHIR helps you increase efficiency and productivity with consolidated search and management of SharePoint settings, configurations, and security across on-premises, hybrid, or Microsoft Office 365 hosted cloud deployments.
  • Enhance SharePoint Security and Compliance: ISHIR helps you enhance your SharePoint security and compliance using the standardization and enforcement of corporate and IT policies for content provisioning.
  • Simplified Configuration Policies: ISHIR helps you managing complex infrastructures by simplifying the implementation of SharePoint security, and configuration policies.

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