Empowering your SharePoint with powerful, accurate and efficient eDiscovery tools.

Excavating and presenting SharePoint user and team site content for review requires specialized skill, and experience. Enterprises need to be prepared to respond to any type of legal inquiry with precision, and efficiency. ISHIR’s powerful SharePoint ediscovery solutions accommodate this electronic content beautifully, providing discovery teams just what they need to quickly and cost-effectively work with SharePoint.

With our effective SharePoint ediscovery solutions, you get it all,

  • A user-friendly case site template
  • A customizable, intuitive interface
  • Responsive content identification and reporting
  • The ability to discover records quickly while filtering additional information
  • The ability to conform to legal discovery requirements
  • The ability to respond to litigation threats swiftly and accurately

At ISHIR, we have an expert SharePoint ediscovery team that utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs. Our team strives to bring out potent SharePoint ediscovery solutions that make it easy for you and your company to cost-effectively solve everyday challenges across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from legal hold and collections through review and production.

Why Choose ISHIR for your SharePoint ediscovery needs?

  • Multiple Version Support: While documents may be stored with various different versions, it is often difficult to decide which version should be processed, and reviewed. ISHIR’s SharePoint ediscovery solutions maintain and present all versions to help you make accurate decisions.
  • Customized SharePoint ediscovery Solutions: We, at ISHIR, always follow a flexible approach that allows us to tailor SharePoint ediscovery solution according to your requirements. Whether you need a complete platform implementation or just a single module deployment, we provide you with the ultimate customization.
  • Reduced Review Costs: ISHIR’s SharePoint ediscovery software leverages technology-assisted methodologies and other features that not only quickly and accurately review documents, but also reduce review costs to a great extent.

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