What is Microsoft Windows Azure?

Microsoft Windows Azure is an operating system that serves as the development, run-time, and control environment, is a part of a set of new and existing technologies behind the cloud computing Azure Services Platform, a development and execution platform that runs end-user and corporate software on Microsoft’s own servers, accessible over the web. Microsoft launched its Windows Azure software development kit and Windows Azure tools which supports these developing and deploying platform services containing multiple web and worker roles.

ISHIR is leading software consulting organization specializing in using and developing on Windows Azure SDK ServicesSQL Azure Database (SADB), .NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services, Microsoft Synchronization Framework, SQL Server 2005+, SQL Server CE, .NET database, and Web services projects. We offer enhanced “enterprise level” services and support with the benefits of lower costs and greater flexibility.

If you want to learn more how you can get the capabilities of Microsoft Azure SQL Services very quickly, with little capital investment, without the need for supporting new IT infrastructure please fill in the form and The Windows Azure SDK contains tools, libraries and samples which are used to build a service consisting of one or more web roles and/or asynchronous worker roles, test the service in the development fabric, and package the service for deployment to Windows Azure. We can also build and run services hosted in the development fabric that employ the Blob, Queue, and Table services, and test them locally against development storage. Windows Azure SDK libraries can be used in the development storage services for the Blob, Queue, and Table services from a client application that is not hosted in the development Windows Azure fabric.

The Windows Azure SDK provides developers with the APIs, tools, documentation, and samples needed to develop Internet-scale applications that run on Windows Azure.

Windows Azure Tools from Microsoft enable the development, building, debugging, running and packaging of scalable custom web applications and services on Windows Azure with enhanced robustness and stability. Azure service may contain zero or more web roles and zero or more worker roles with a minimum of one role of either type. Windows Azure tools provides developer an on-demand compute and storage capabilities to host, scale, and manage web applications on the internet through Microsoft data centers and provide support for building Cloud Services from TFS Build. It has ability to associate any ASP.NET Web Application project in a Cloud Service solution as a Web Role.

If you want to meet your IT challenges by leveraging the benefits of Azure SDK development services, ISHIR is the best place to start. With more than 10 years of hands-on experience in IT outsourcing and innovation, ISHIR understands how to assess your needs, from both a business and technological perspective.  ISHIR offers an array of services through its Cost Optimization practices that will help you assess, optimize, and consolidate your IT resources. You will then be able to make the move through a realistic assessment to see how Windows Azure SDK Service can meet your requirements for today, tomorrow, and beyond.  Our services include:

  • Evaluate the different cloud models available
  • Unbiased approach to selecting the best cloud strategy
  • Learn the best way to test/prototype cloud within your organization
  • Assess the risks of moving data and applications outside of your organization
  • Achieve greater level of organization agility.

What’s new in Windows Azure SDK:


  • Support for developing Managed Full Trust applications. It also provides support for Native Code via PInvokes and spawning native processes.
  • Support for developing FastCGI applications, including support for rewrite rules via URL Rewrite Module.
  • Improved support for the integration of development storage with Visual Studio, including enhanced performance and support for SQL Server (only local instance).

What’s new in Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio:


  • Combined installer includes the Windows Azure SDK
  • Addressed top customer bugs.
  • Native Code Debugging.
  • Update Notification of future releases.
  • FastCGI template

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