Work Environment at ISHIR is stimulating, creative, transparent, open and informal and is based on teamwork, mutual respect, trust and equality.

The open work environment gives each ISHIRite ready access to be experts in their fields, and thus, great learning opportunity for professional growth. ISHIR encourages meritocracy and grow people within.

Our people are exposed to globally challenging projects across diverse business and technology practices and verticals. Each project engagement offers unique opportunities to improve business processes and achieve business objectives with the help of technology.

We also make every effort to ensure career development opportunities that help our people to trace their own career paths. A vibrantstimulating and open culture has made our people deliver their best performance and reach their full potential.

Life at ISHIR is not restricted to bits, bytes and programming jargons. You can trust an ISHIRite to bring that element of fun to the workplace. We encourage ISHIRites to give full expression to their creative and extra-curricular pursuits.

In summary, ISHIR provides:

  • A fast paced career with global exposure to best business practices
  • Careers across diverse business and technology domains
  • A world class training environment which facilitates professional growth
  • A vibrant and open door approach where hierarchies do not matter

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