Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database, previously known as SQL Azure is a managed cloud database for developers. Using it, app developers can easily build and maintain their applications more productively and efficiently. Microsoft Azure SQL Database provides an advantage of backup, scalability and higher availability of the database that contends on a cloud computing platform. Its access is offered as a service.

It contains a built-in intelligence that memorizes app-patterns and acclimates to amplify performance, consistency, data security and reliability.
It provides an efficient data storage for applications and websites that are cloud based and have shorter development cycles. It also assists in restraining data in the cloud for security and isolation purposes.

ISHIR provides Microsoft Azure SQL Database services that include:

    • Evaluate the different cloud models available
    • Unbiased approach to select the best cloud strategy
    • Learn the best way to test/prototype cloud within your organization
    • Assess the risks of moving data and applications outside of your organization
    • Achieve greater level of organization agility

As a leading service provider of Microsoft Azure SQL Database, ISHIR has a number of skilled administrators and experts. Our team has supported several clients across the globe for their database requirements.

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