Round the clock SharePoint support & maintenance to solve day to day user issues, bugs and enhancements.

SharePoint environment frequently requires minor but on-going tweaks for the best optimized output. As enterprises move closer to use the SharePoint platform; more and more information is shared and extracted by a number of users on the single platform. A routine maintenance is essential for smooth operation of the whole environment.

As a Microsoft Gold partner with a full service SharePoint capability, ISHIR offers you a comprehensive support and maintenance plan aimed at ensuring that you are managing the SharePoint platform with industry best practices, and developing and extending SharePoint deployments leading to drive business and operational efficiencies.

With our cutting-edge SharePoint support and maintenance services, you can log and track Microsoft SharePoint related issues and call on our experts to achieve a quick and effective resolution of any problems anytime.

SharePoint Support and Maintenance Services, include

  • Application Environment Assessment: We help you maintain your SharePoint software solution by assessing your application environment continuously.
  • Best Practices Guidance: We offer you best practices guidance and ensure that your SharePoint software solution runs smoothly always.
  • SharePoint Health Checks: We periodically check your system event logs and ensure that there are no potential problems.
  • Complete Review of Solution Architecture: We provide you with comprehensive technical skills and deliver a complete review of your solution architecture and deployment.

Why Choose ISHIR as your SharePoint Support and Maintenance Partner?

  • Timely and Reliable Service: ISHIR’s timely and reliable service plans provide you more time to focus on other projects and less time managing the software. Our reliable service also ensures that you get full product support as well as maintenance and upgrade components.
  • Customized Solutions: At ISHIR, we understand that your business challenges cannot be resolved with a one-size-fits-all strategy. That is why; ISHIR’s support and maintenance team assesses your application environment based on your specific needs, thereby, ensuring that your team is following proven best practices.
  • Continuous Support: ISHIR’s SharePoint support and maintenance team provides you 24X7X365 support; thereby, always accelerating the pace of work when needed on a priority basis.

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