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In the recent years, Artificial Intelligence has permeated every industry and impacting the day-to-day working for a revolutionized way of working. Theoretically it all sounds exciting but practically, you wonder, what aspects of AI can help your business and how can AI make your business future-ready.

ISHIR can work with you to identify the AI technologies that can take your business to the next level. With our expertise in Machine Learning, Virtual Assistants, Decision Management, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, we have delivered powerful AI solutions for several clients across the globe.

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AI Expertise Areas

Machine Learning

This technology can interpret complicated and huge amount of data, identify patterns and build systems that are self-learning.


Virtual Assistants

We can enable AI-powered digital virtual assistants that can understand human behavior and have intelligent conversations with customers.

Decision Management

ISHIR has a team of AI engineers who have worked on algorithmic and predictive systems to enable decision management system for your business.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The connectedness of people, technology, network and devices offers unprecedented opportunity to transform their business models.

Big Data

ISHIR can turn data into actionable business insights to help our clients become future-ready and competitive.


ISHIR’s AI Services


ISHIR can help you understand how you can set forth on an AI journey and establish a roadmap to adopt AI technologies best suited to your business.


We have a team of AI engineers who can customize AI-based solutions as per your business requirements and industry trends.


Our team of AI experts and engineers can support your AI-powered solution and applications around the clock.


We can build AI-powered applications that can help automate various aspects of your business.


You can only maximize ROI if you seamlessly integrate your AI-based solutions with your existing business model.

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