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The Oracle database by Oracle Corporation is an Object-Relational Database Management System, which accumulates data logically by method of tablespaces and physically by usage of data files. The majority of Oracle database installations accompany a default schema-SCOTT.

With the assistance of its auxiliary features, ORACLE qualifies the ACID test, which ensures high integrity of data. It has been efficaciously ported to more than 100 hardware platforms and to about 20 networking protocols, thus making it ahead of any of its competitors. This is one of the reasons why Oracle is by far the heftiest RDBMS vendor in the IT-Market.

ISHIR provides the following services in Oracle:

    • Database Consulting
    • Database Backups to local servers
    • Production Data Restore
    • RMAN backups
    • Capacity Planning
    • Database Code Deployments
    • Database Maintenance

ISHIR has a number of Oracle experts with the required certification. We have helped clients across the globe in addressing their Oracle database needs.

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