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Leverage the Combined Benefits of SharePoint and Windows Azure!

Enterprises are constantly looking to technology to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive markets.Microsoft SharePoint, combined with one of the latest cloud technologies, Windows Azure, enables organizations to collaborate confidently across the globe.

ISHIR, by integrating years of experience working on different SharePoint platforms and comprehensive understanding of diverse cloud platforms, helps in the successful deployment of Microsoft SharePoint server on Windows Azure, and develops highly cohesive infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for all its clients.

Our team comprises of dedicated and skilled SharePoint Azure professionals that enhance the scalability of SharePoint deployments using Azure on-demand infrastructure with unified management. Our team helps you leverage the power of cloud technology while simultaneously managing your SharePoint infrastructure rapidly.

    With us, you get all,

  • Trusted Compliance
  • Improved Performance
  • Reduced Storage Costs
  • Easy Scalability
  • Higher Availability

 Why Choose ISHIR for your SharePoint Azure Needs?

  • Proven Expertise: ISHIR possesses the required SharePoint Azure expertise and follows proven methodologies to ensure a seamless deployment of your SharePoint infrastructure to Windows Azure computing environment.
  • High Standard Services: ISHIR is always on the forefront to provide you the best possible SharePoint Azure services, and assures of a highly available SharePoint architecture that ensures content is up-to-date and served to end users in disseminated locations.
  • Improved Productivity: We, at ISHIR, use a host of tools and industry solutions that can lead to improve productivity of projects vehemently.

Success Story

Success Stories ISHIR Flow helps plan Portal strategyPortals are very much on the minds of business and government leaders.


"SQ1 and ISHIR in partnership have become lead players in design, development and deployment of Microsoft SharePoint based solutions. The combination strength of both firms ensures best there is in terms of providing user experience design and proven expertise in Microsoft SharePoint implementation experience."

David Herren
Project Manager
$10 Billion Commodity Trading Company

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