How We Hire Top 1% Talent and Conduct Successful Interviews To Build A Dream Team

With there being a talent war to hire the best people to work with you so many people who have gone through an interview with ISHIR have complemented on our unique hiring process. We have taken a moment to share what our hiring process looks like so you all can read about the process before you actually go through it. When you work with ISHIR, you’re able to skip this stage, as we take care of the hiring process for you. We locate the top 1% talent across the globe at cost-effective prices, so that you get to outsource with ease.

Here’s how we conduct our remote interviews at the time of COVID in order to find the best talent for the most complex, challenging and rewarding projects.

ISHIR’s Unique “A Player” Hiring Process

There are some steps you can follow to ensure that conducting remote interviews goes to plan for you and your business. Here’s our take on the rules of running a remote interview to ensure that you get all the information you need to pick the right candidate.

As experts in remote hiring, we have a process that is pretty much foolproof. Take a look at the steps we take when we hire remote talent and the ways that we nail the interview process.

Hiring Process Final

Identify Eligible Talent

The first interview seeks to assess both the fit for the role, their character type and get to know the candidate a little better. The interview should be carried out in a conversational style, however it is currently done completely remotely over zoom. Usually it is done over a cup of coffee or tea in our offices.

Step one is to always identify the talent that we believe will be right for the skill gaps in our project. We try to find talent that solves the specific challenge or pain, and has prior experience in solving similar challenges in the past. In essence, this stage is about spotting the right talent who fits the initial criteria and are passionate about the area of business or technology skill we are hiring for. Since a lot of our talent is spread globally we also assess the candidates for their communication, written and spoken english language skills.

Assess The Culture Fit

Once we’ve collected some of the best talent, we run personality tests and assessments to see whether the potential candidates meet the core values and culture fit (or character fitment) for the organization and have the required maturity for the specified role.

These assessments encompass questions related to our core values to ensure that they have the requisite mindset to become an asset in our work culture and environment. Our personality assessments are most popular and talked about in the industry as it highlights where their personality would fit in with our culture and value system.

Technical or Non-Technical Skill Assessment

The third step is nearly always accompanied by interviews online, whereby both parties are able to show their personalities and showcase their offering. We also conduct technical tests, live screening to assess the problem solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, creativity, and level of competency in that skill.

We also assign candidates with a test project to evaluate if they have the ability to “walk to talk” by immersing them into real world scenarios to help demonstrate thoughtfulness, curiosity, competence and professionalism. We only advance most gifted candidates with exceptional skills in this step.

We also often ask the candidate to interview with more than one of our team members to ensure that everyone can agree on their skills and suitability for the role.

Top Grading

We use Top Grading - an interview technique that gives a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s professional background and personality. Top grading involves a more thorough screening where we dig deeper for a candidate's professional achievements, past successes, failures in each role of their career journey that led to their current skills, knowledge, and values. The top grading approach helps to uncover the true characteristics of the potential employee.

Before deciding to go ahead on any candidature, we include all panelists in different interview rounds, to discuss and close on a candidate where everyone shares their positives or negatives about the candidate in question by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. This helps us to bring all the interviewers and decision makers on the same page and conclude on the candidate.

Once this is done, a review is undertaken and the top grading performers are offered a position at the organization.

Continued Pursuit of Excellence

Our clients’ love the people who work here at ISHIR because of their continued pursuit of excellence in everything they do. We assess our best candidates ability to keep their skills sharp and what their mind-set is around investing in themselves to become better everyday. This is a very important criteria for us since we work in a fast paced environment and industry and skills become redundant very fast, if the candidate does see investing in themselves as important as we do.

Candidates Accept And Are Onboarded

The next step is a grand finale of our process, whereby we offer the candidate an offer letter and a contract and they accept (excitedly!). The candidates who accept the offer and are successful are then onboarded into our organization remotely. We send them an onboarding kit to make them an ISHIRite for life.

Getting Interviewed Remotely At The Time of COVID

We believe in hiring culturally fit individuals who commensurate with our value system. Every new hire undergoes a rigorous and through hiring process, where we evaluate the right fitment with respect to culture and skill assessment at each level. The panel collaborates and ensures an appropriate decision is taken for every candidate. We hire individuals who are passionate and believe in continuous learning and honing their craft to become better version of themselves.

On an average, our entire hiring process takes about two weeks with multiple levels of discussions. We keep the candidate informed throughout the process.

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