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AngularJS is an open source web application development framework that is vastly incorporated to develop user-friendly applications. It is a highly scalable and robust framework that provides a lightweight codebase application for its users. It is used to develop web applications that are data-driven without integrating any external plugins or other frameworks.

As in case of MVC architecture, it is an outstanding framework for the client-end since it safeguards simplified development for quality analysis and testing processes. The expert development team in our organization ensures feature-rich coding and thorough testing-processes to conclude with an exceptional web application for our clients.

The main features of AngularJS that make it dominating in the market are-

    • Responsible HTML Components
    • Two-way binding
    • Use of MVC Architecture
    • Incorporating REST safely
    • Lightweight codebase
    • Directives
    • Thorough Testing scheme
    • Inline Templates
    • Easy incorporation into pre-exiting libraries

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