ISHIR Recognized Second Time in a Row as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ Company

April 7, 2020

New Delhi, April 2020 – ISHIR, a globally diversified leading offshore software development company, has been recognized as Great Place to Work®. The purpose of the Great Places to Work® certification program is to reward companies that best represent a culture of openness, transparency and employee growth. The survey is particularly meaningful as it focuses on taking feedback directly from the employees.

As part of the assessment, ISHIR employees participated in ‘The Trust Index Employee Survey’ and the Culture Audit Management Questionnaire. The evaluation was based on pride, camaraderie, fairness and credibility.

The recognition emphasizes ISHIR’s commitment to nurture a positive employee culture where there are HR focused practices to ensure work-life balance, high-level of employee engagement, fun at workplace, stewardship and community, and professional development. Great Places to Work Institute recognizes companies where employees have a say, and the Management is open to receive feedback and provide mentor-ship, an area where ISHIR scored high accentuating the Management’s focus to build an empowered culture of inclusiveness.

“’Great Place to Work’ Certification is a great recognition of our culture, our people and our core values. It truly represents what we stand for and reinforces the fact we are on the right track. We proactively try our best to improve and become better with each passing day, truly living our Mantra of ‘Let’s be a better version of ourselves everyday’. We strongly believe in empowering our people and encouraging them to do real-time and constructive feedback to bring about individual as well as organizational improvement. We are proud of our team and are extremely happy & humbled by retaining and re-earning this recognition 2nd year in succession. We aspire to be in the Top 100 list in near future by being better version of organization each passing year”, said Rishi Khanna, CEO, ISHIR.

“I was confident to get this feat again. At ISHIR, we firmly believe in our core values and demonstrate it in our behaviour all the time and that weave the cultural fabric of our organization. When you live the core values day in and day out then the good vibes tend to let people stick together longer and work positively towards common goals”, said Chetan Saxena, COO, ISHIR.


With a presence across the globe, Great Place to Work® Institute conducts work culture assessment of companies in various industries. It evaluates the company’s commitment in the personal and professional growth of its people, and ensure the leadership’s focus on enriching the company culture.

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