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Hire our technical experts as an extension of your team to achieve your business and project goals

Your business requirement might need you to hire PHP, Android, .Net, React JS developers or even Scrum Master but your requirement might not be long-term. It is also tedious and expensive to maintain experienced, qualified and the right technical resources.

ISHIR’s Staff Augmentation services enables you to find qualified and experienced people who can seamlessly work as your team. They can sync with your internal or distributed team to deliver as per your customized business needs. While you focus on the bigger picture, our passionate team can manage timely achievement of your goals.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a strategy that uses outsourcing to fill gaps in the workforce. It is used when a company needs specific skills that are not available internally, such as for short-term projects or specific IT skills. The process involves evaluating the existing staff’s skill sets and determining what extra skills are needed, then outsourcing those specific skills to fill the gaps. It is an effective way for companies to meet their workforce needs without having to hire full-time employees permanently.

Staff Augmentation vs. Outsourcing

Staff Augmentation refers to the process of supplementing an organization’s existing workforce with additional staff or resources, typically through the use of contractors or temporary employees. Outsourcing, on the other hand, involves the transfer of specific business processes or functions to a third-party provider. Both augmentation and outsourcing can be used to increase efficiency and reduce costs, but they are typically employed in different situations and for different purposes.

Why Business Choose IT Staff Augmentation

The crucial element of staff augmentation is that there is already an existing team of some sort that can be leant on. You are not starting from scratch with staff augmentation, it is always a supplementary service that adds to the in-house team that you already have.

Flexibility: IT staffing companies can provide a flexible workforce that can be easily scaled up or down as needed, which is particularly useful for organizations that experience fluctuations in demand for their services.

Access to specialized skills: IT staffing companies often have a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals that can be quickly deployed to fill specific roles.

Reduced costs: Outsourcing IT staffing can help organizations reduce labor costs, as well as other expenses associated with recruiting and training new employees.

Improved quality: IT staffing companies often have strict quality control measures in place, which can help ensure that the professionals they provide are of high quality.

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Why use ISHIR’s Staff Augmentation Services?

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

ISHIR’s Staff Augmentation Services helps you to hire FTE or virtual employee without setting up an expensive office place, pay for leaves or vacations, health benefits, travel expense, employment taxes, etc.

Time Efficient

Time Efficient

Dedicated virtual employee, who have expertise and experience that you desire, will ensure timely and high-quality deliverables. Our professionals will meet your business needs within the required timeframe.

Time Efficient

Ability to quickly ramp up

There might be a spike or drop in your business requirements. We can adjust according to your varying need for technical staff.

Direct Access

Direct Access

You have direct access to these resources and can directly assign work to them. Working with our resources is exactly like working with your own employees. You can instruct our resources on your processes and reporting methodologies and the same will be followed.

IP Protection

IP Protection

We work on "work for hire basis" and therefore all intellectual property or copyrights of the work done by such resources will remain with you.

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